Anthony J. Jacobson

Anthony has over 20 years of experience in the sourcing, structuring and managing of transactions in the insurance and finance sectors. He is the founder and principal of Vernal Bay Capital Group, LLC, and Vernal Bay Investments, LLC, two special opportunity investment firms. Over the past 8 years, Vernal Bay or its members have funded numerous transactions with a total cash equity outlay exceeding $250 million (not including 3rd party debt). Previously, Anthony was the President and CEO of Northstar Life Services, LLC, established in 2009 as a premier life insurance asset servicer for large portfolios of global clientele. Northstar was a wholly owned subsidiary of North Channel Bank (NCB), a commercial lending bank in Mainz, Germany, of which Anthony was the second largest shareholder. Anthony bought NCB and formed NorthStar after exiting a venture with Pacifica Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of one of Europe’s largest commercial banks and spinning out its servicing business. At Pacifica, Anthony served as Managing Director before separating from Pacifica in April 2009 to begin NorthStar’s operations. Pacifica was a leader in the premium finance and portfolio servicing industry, and also accumulated large life policy portfolios for distribution to investors in Europe, Asia and the United States. Starting in 2001, Anthony began his career by creating and distributing structured life insurance products to high-net-worth individuals in conjunction with other sophisticated estate planning products and techniques.