Investment Approach

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that it takes patience and a long-term perspective to achieve meaningful value. That’s why we operate as fully engaged investors, in collaboration with owners and management teams to develop strategic, operating and financial roadmaps. We bring disciplined, institutional best practices developed over decades of experience and can help companies bridge the gap between long term strategic goals with daily decision making. We view ourselves as part of the “team” and an available resource for business owners.


Without the confines of an investment fund structure, Rotor can invest in a wide range of compelling opportunities that many funds are unable to address. With a growth orientation, we are size, stage, and sector agnostic and able to invest throughout the capital structure, and in both minority and controlling interests. We know that businesses can benefit from different forms of investment and support at distinct points in a company’s life cycle. That’s why Rotor creates bespoke solutions to fit each company’s individual needs and opportunities.

In the past, we have partnered with people to start de novo companies, invested in early to late stage ventures, and provided growth equity or buyouts to lower middle market family businesses. Whether it’s a startup venture or a more developed company that is at an inflection point, or even an ownership transition, Rotor has the ability and flexibility to help take it to the next level.

Total Alignment

Rotor’s partners will always commit a substantial amount of personal capital to each investment, ensuring economic alignment with all stakeholders. In addition, working alongside owners and management teams, we will develop a shared vision and business plan executed in an environment of communication, collaboration, and trust.


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