Our Story

For more than 30 years, Rotor’s partners have built, financed, and advised industry leading companies. After collaborating to make direct investments of nearly $150 million of personal capital, we formed Rotor in 2019 to focus on stage agnostic, growth-oriented investing.

Rotor combines the cornerstones of substantial personal capital investment, an entrepreneurial mind-set and institutionally pedigreed experience with a vast network of relationships.

We have the flexibility to invest in minority and controlling positions, can respond quickly to dynamic situations and work creatively to help our partners succeed and flourish.

Investment Approach


We are engaged investors and seek opportunities where our skills and relationships can accelerate the growth and success of a business.

Entrepreneurs and management teams are the engines that drive companies. We choose our management partners carefully and use our resources to augment strategic and financial planning, and corporate development initiatives.

In every instance, we are a committed partner and bring decades of experience focused on helping our companies optimally position themselves for success.


We prioritize the values that define partnership: collaboration, honesty, and integrity. Our goal is to create an environment of shared respect and open communication in every relationship.

Flexible, Customized

Experience has taught us that business value can be created in different ways at different points in time. Therefore, we designed our approach to be nimble and flexible.

Our team has extensive experience investing across a diverse array of industries and throughout the capital structure. We invest in companies at all stages of development where growth is an important value driver. We partner with driven, ambitious venture stage companies and collaborate with entrepreneurial managers who want to grow or acquire more established businesses.

We are comfortable with either minority or controlling positions and can provide liquidity and growth capital.

Since we do not have artificially defined investment or holding periods, we strive to be a patient and supportive long-term partner in every situation.

Total Alignment

We believe that financial alignment with our partners is vital and invest a substantial amount of personal capital in each of our companies. We succeed when our partners succeed.